Stacey Buckner, FNP Chattanooga

Stacey Buckner


Stacey Buckner is a double-board-certified nurse practitioner with over 18 years of experience in the specialties of internal medicine, hematology, oncology, and aesthetics. With her medical expertise and detail-oriented mindset, she is able to create impeccable results. Stacey has had extensive one-on-one training in aesthetics with the top 5% of injectors in the country. She is continuously researching to establish the most up-to-date knowledge and techniques to improve the quality and level of care to implement into her craft. 

Stacey has developed a love for aesthetics over the years through observing how the inner glow can be achieved with the use of revitalization. She is very caring and patient with each client, with her ultimate goal being to restore inner confidence while creating that outward glow. She feels that aesthetics should not just be an appointment scheduled, but an individualized and magical experience. She has a passion for teaching and hopes to establish a trusting and genuine relationship to accomplish her clients’ every need. 

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